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If you need to achieve rapid sales with a minimum of investment, direct marketing is one of the most successful sales strategies out there. It allows you to reach millions of prospects through multiple channels, immeasurably increasing your brand recall and market penetration.

Thomson Data has the most up-to-date marketing information available across North America and Europe. Our direct mailing list databases can help you reach over millions of consumers and businesses across the globe at a fraction of what more traditional marketing avenues would cost you.

Regardless of whether your company is looking to do business with organizations or consumers, direct marketing presents an ideal marketing strategy. We specialize in creating custom mailing lists that are guaranteed to send you conversion rates skyward. Our analysts review your campaign specification, customer profiles and target audience and use the information to build a list that fits your sales strategy like a glove. A well-researched list combined with our marketing services provide for excellent coverage and will ensure that your message get through to the right people.

Thomson Data also extends a host of data and marketing services design to boost your marketing success rates. These include campaign management, data appending and search engine optimization.

All direct mailing lists provide complete marketing information such as:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Contact Title
  • Phone Number, Fax Number
  • Email, Postal Address and Zip Code.
  • Company Name
  • Web Address
  • SIC Code & NAICS Code

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It’s Time – Direct Mail Is More Important to Your Business Now

Today, social media and internet marketing may have their names in the public eye, transforming the focus to digital marketing. Most of the times, it is not the best choice for every group of customers. Besides the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, the Direct Mail stands as a trustworthy strategy that uses time tried practices to create considerable results.

It’s Time – Direct Mail Is More Important to Your Business Now

If you think the direct mail marketing has gone the way of the dinosaur, reconsider. As per the Harvard Business Review reports, the direct mail list has a 25% response rate compared to 23 percent of emails. According to a recent survey, customers aged 65 and above are the primary contenders for direct mail, since they have a tendency to stay at the same location for a long time and they appreciate perusing the mail.

Why do Direct Mailing List is important in this era of eCommerce?

Direct mail creates a one-to-one connection that is hard for any other marketing channels to match. It is a good marketing channel because of its low cost and high response ratio. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) survey reveals that the average response rate of direct marketing is between 2 and 6 percent. When balanced with the right, creative and effective campaign, it can deliver more than a piece of paper does and direct mail can backfire a powerful return on investment.

Here are 4 amazing ways to make your direct mail marketing campaign a success:

#1. Be Targeted: Instead of a random blast of your sales messages to a crowd, search for a group of audience who are in need of your products or services.

#2. Make it personal: Send the customers personalized messages to catch their attention towards your products or services. Send them booklets, guides, brochures.

#3. Offer a great coupon or promotion: The quality direct mail is not only packed with accurate info, but also tempts the audience with an amazing offer. A freebie may include a discount price or a bonus gift or a free trial.

#4. Remember quality control: Once you send the mail to your consumers, never ever disappoint them with poorly written content. Make sure everything is 100% correct and proofread for grammar, and spelling. It should have a call to action for customers to connect and as a marketer it is your task to follow up with the potential prospects by keeping them in a loop.

How To Increase Sales By Buying A Mailing List

The goal of a marketing campaign is to maximize customers eventually. And, no matter what, a healthy mailing list plays a vital role in the success of the company by increasing its sales.

Today, the advent of new technologies has brought changes in marketing industry as well. Reaching prospective customers have become comparatively easier. There are mainstream brokers who engage in building address list and provide it to companies who are in need.

How To Increase Sales By Buying A Mailing ListHowever, even though these address books could be generated in-house, buying one would save a lot of time and money. You just have to select the apt list for your business and buy them in exchange of money.

It is for you to choose the right broker for your business. You have to ensure that your provider updates the list periodically, so that you reach your prospective customers without any hassle. For instance, if the list has the names of past and present customers, eventually when the broker discovers that certain customers are not willing to stay and does not want to be included in the list, the broker has to ensure that he/she has been removed. And similarly to the ones who wanted to be added.

A mailing list that is purchased is often accurate and appropriate. It also acts as a launching pad for delivering terrific direct mail advertising. The names and addresses that shall be used for promotions should hit the right place and the right person.

However, it’s always advisable to look for the renowned company’s mailing list, if you want to promote your products and services. It’s for you to utilize the list effectively by sending information about new offers and reminders about what you are selling to your customers.

There are many advantages of renting a business mailing list.

  1. Buying a list is one of the most cost effective methods of marketing.
  2. Successfully reaches out to all the customers without hassle, as far as the list is accurate.

For small business firms, buying a mailing list is sure to increase sales. Just by using the list rightly ensures to bring huge changes in your business. Thus, before approaching any company, do a thorough research about the organization and also ensure that the list you are provided with is reliable and updated. Then you are good to go and make a successful marketing campaign.

“Direct Mailing List”, A Cost-Effective Mode of Marketing

Today, surviving in this competitive world had become a huge task for many businesses. Since customers decide the success and failure of an organization, it’s strenuous for businesses to reach customers’ expectations. Therefore, having a strong customer base is very essential.
“Direct Mailing List”, A Cost-Effective Mode of Marketing

Companies need to target potential customers who are interested in buying their products and services. This helps them in enhancing their presence in the market.

No doubt, an effective marketing tactics can do wonders to your business. And a marketing goodwill can only be made by enhancing the customer service.

To stay ahead of competition, businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing techniques. They don’t want to lose their customers at any cost. They make sure that, their messages have reached their target customers. They will ensure it will happen even by spending few extra dollars. Meanwhile, they have also discovered that direct mailing skills enhances a potential growth in the business. This is a good tip that every startup must consider.

Business mailing lists consists of names and addresses of all the customers, to whom the marketers market their products and services directly. In fact, direct mailing is the cheapest and cost effective marketing tools that are available.

Defining your market and the audience can be an effective marketing move. It will help in getting more possible responses. It is very essential to identify the recipient, so that your targeted mailing lists work effectively. This in turn means more profit to the business.

To enhance the success of direct advertising campaign, it’s very essential to find a reputed broker who provides you with an accurate mailing list. Once you have discovered that the list you have bought or rented is reliable, you can go ahead and use it by contacting your customers through different modes of communication.

How Direct Mailing Lists Help Your Business Effectively

Do you want your companys’ name to be in the hands of customers who would be willing to know more about your products and services? Through a direct mailing lists, you can accomplish your wish in a short span.
How Direct Mailing Lists Help Your Business Effectively
However, it might get difficult to contact every client in your list. To make your work easier, there is software like “auto responder software” that will help in sending one email to all the addresses in the list, automatically.

Listed below are few ways to build your business successfully.

1. Contact:

Firstly, by sending promotional emails to your clients you are constantly making a noise. That is, you are reminding your client that you exist and you promise them that you are right there to help them when needed.

2. Surveys

You can send survey emails to your clients. You can ask your clients to fill out a form that will help you getting the feedback about what people think about your business. Through this, you will also get a chance to improve the areas that you are weak.

3. Build Your Own Brand

Building a brand is very important part of marketing. While you look for new ways to build your brand, direct marketing is one of the effectively ways to reach your customers. You have to constantly update them about your products and services and how it will benefit them.

At the end of every email, make sure that you include the link of your website and a mailing list; so that it will help, your customers visit your website and know more about your business.

4. Promote, Promote, Promote

Without promoting your products and services, there is no use of owning a business. Through direct email lists, you can promote your business to your clients more effectively. All you need to do is, design the email layout perfectly and insert an eye catching content that will draw your customers towards you.