How to compile a B2B mailing list?

It’s undeniable that email is the cheapest and the most effective marketing tools. You either buy it or rent it; all that matters is, make your marketing director or your CEO happy.

Again, you must make a wise decision as to, whether you must buy, rent or build an email list for yourself.

How to compile a B2B mailing list?Given below are a few criteria you must consider before taking any action.

Buying a B2B List

Generally, a list that is bought has a bad record of quality. In fact, they have a disadvantage of having been used only once.

However, even though it maintains a bad quality and is available at low prices, it has proved to be helpful for many companies. Depending on the type of products and services they offer.

You must consider buying a B2B email list only if it matches the below listed criteria.

  1. If you have plans of using it throughout a year.
  2. If the list has the contacts of your target market.

Hiring a mailing list provider

Mailing lists that are rented are most extensively industry-relevant selection criteria. That is, the list targets specific industries and if you’re targeting any one particular stream of industries , then renting a list is a wise decision.


  1. Rent an email list if you don’t find what you have in a purchase list.
  2. In case if you have a particular target program and sense that you will not be using the list again.

Creating a mailing List

Willing to build a list on your own could be the best decision you ever made for your company. That is because, unlike buying and renting the lists, building a list of your own is less expensive, reliable and can be reused whenever necessary.

However, keep these things in mind before you choose to build your list:

  1. If your goals and targets are very company oriented.
  2. If your investment in this particular project is too high, for which you will need the most accurate date.
  3. In case, there are high chances of using the same data multiple times.

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