A Review on How to Build an Opt-In Email List

Most successful online marketers say, “The money is in the list”. This means, marketers consider mailing lists as one of the biggest asset they could ever have. Not just any other list, but an opt-in email list.

An opt in email lists consists of contact details of people who voluntarily wish to subscribe your advertisements and promotions. An opt-in email list most commonly consists of names, email address and phone numbers of all the subscribers.

Opt-in emails usually carry personalized information to the targeted market. However, it typically consists of newsletters, product information or special promotional offers. This is one of the most powerful marketing tactics, wherein marketers get the opportunity to send promotional mails to your subscriber. In other words, this is called “Permission Email Marketing”.

When you wish to build your opt-in list, there are few dos and don’ts that you must consider.


  1. Make sure that you include the most primary necessities that is to have a subscription web form on your official website.
  2. Do not forget to mention on your website that your visitor can subscribe your newsletter or a free report, jus by signing-in on your subscription form.
  3. Give a clear picture as to what your subscriber will receive from you. Tell them clearly, how often you would contact them.
  4. Always make sure to contact your new subscriber immediately. By sending them a welcome mail, you definitely won’t fail to make a good impression.


  1. Never ever, add any email address to your mailing list database without their permission. This could be the worst thing you would ever do to your company’s reputation. After all, your company’s status is very important.
  2. If you are not sure that the opt-in is not 100% authentic, do not purchase it any cost. You might end up getting tons of spam complaints and can result in losing your ISP.
  3. You can ruin your reputation and can end up losing your customer if you try to abuse them. This can result in your customer unsubscribing for your mailing list that can lead to losing a valuable customer.

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