Five Gripping Tips for Lawyers to build their Email list

Social media is quick and robust, but it is sparingly essential to have an email list because of its potential nature. The inbuilt email list is a low hanging fruit for lawyers, to build the relationships with the customers. Some law firm marketers don’t like as it is a massive process and just follow the blog  process. But, there exists a huge contrast, among the individuals who read your blog and those on your personalized email list. Blog readers are really transient, as they are not the regular blog followers. You may have an extraordinary article on your blog that truly resounds with many readers, however, those on  your email list are locked in at a higher level. The individuals on your email list have provided an authorization to you to market.


Here comes the question how to build the email list. With some inputs from Adrian Dayton, it takes a couple of minutes to clarify some basic demonstrated techniques for building a list that has helped me.

List of techniques to follow:

1. Start a weekly or monthly newsletter: The newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy, but a precise solution for accomplishing your purpose. The purpose plays a key role in developing the strategy, so be specific. Develop a brand name for  your company? Do you want to promote your legal services? Make  loyal customers?

2. Give them a reason to continue: Instead of blasting emails, give your readers a reason to continue following with you. Without compelling the readers to sign up for your newsletter, implement a better approach like creating a “freebie”.

3. Design a great Freebie: Good content will drive the traffic to your blog, but won’t help you to build the subscribers list until and unless you offer them a splendid freebie. I would like to suggest something like a White paper, or a booklet about certain laws in a particular region.

4. Always use a Resource Box:  Make sure that you reach your readers on a regular basis. At the bottom line of each post, use italicized box to clarify who you are, what is your business, what is the freebie you are offering. Use an eloquent punch line to attract the readers and turn them into your subscribers.

5. Business cards can supplement your lawyers mailing list: You can set up an automated message to pass with the help of third party software service and the message is, you are nominated for my mailing list, as you passed me your business card.


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