Ways to Improve ERP Marketing Productivity and Returns

It’s always advisable to concentrate of certain things, while assimilating the ERP marketing database. Check this out to know more.


In- order to get expected results from telemarketing, owing an exceedingly targeted marketing database is quite essential.

The following points should be taken into consideration, while garnering the ERP marketing database.

  • Target top management person
  • Detect the targeted top management person with decision making powers.
  • Evaluate their job responsibilities than considering their job designation or title, while assembling the ERP database.

For instance- Search for professionals in the IT department, who manages data recovery and risk/disaster management, if your product is a data recovery program or software? Moreover, it will be useless to just look for an IT director/ manager, who may not have anything to execute with your point of purpose.

This will assure that when you contact a person, you have approached the exact person and you won’t have to spend your time uselessly with numerous people in the company.


2) direct cell phone or landline numbers

  • Ask for direct cell phone or landline numbers with the correct extension details.
  • By having the direct contact numbers, you can save time by reaching the person you want to directly contact, without any problem.
  • Moreover, you won’t have to go through the whole lot of call transfers.



  • Alternate Contact numbers
  • You must have the contact information’s of an alternate team of decision makers as well.
  • Because if you called a person who is busy or unavailable, then you can try contacting the alternatives from the same branch.
  • This practice is helpful in reaching those” difficult to contact” individuals via somebody within the same branch in the organization.




4)Reference Details

  • If you had any previous communication with somebody else in the same company, you must always note down his name, designation and mobile number
  • you can use this as a reference with gatekeepers to permit you in, without any opposition, while visiting the organization next time.



5)ERP prospect database

  • Based on locations and time zones, you must always divide your gathered ERP prospect database.
  • By knowing their exact locations and time zones, you can effortlessly find the right time to contact your targeted ERP executive, as most of them can be availed for a quick discussion in the start or at the end of their day, whereas many are busy throughout their day in meetings and so on.


Furthermore, you must keep in mind that it is not always possible to detect whether the prospect will interact with you by taking your call. But everything can be within your control if you start with good data.


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