4 Smart Ways To Build Your Opt-In Email List

Businesses understand the importance of gaining access to communicate with customers who show direct interest in buying their products and services. Consequently, these entrepreneurs constantly look for new and innovative ways to keep in touch with their customers, so that they can update them with new offers and achievements.

Hence, building an opt-in list simultaneously, while establishing and building your online business is very important.4-Smart-Ways-To-Build-Your-Opt-In-Email-List

Given below are a few tips that are necessary to build your opt-in email list.

  1. Understanding Your Customers

Firstly understanding your customers’ mindset is very essential. You need to get into the root of the problem that they want to solve. Depending on that, you should provide relevant content and at the same time valuable enough so that they can make use of it in the future.

  1. Importance of Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are designed to attract the potential subscribers and capture their email addresses. The objective of having a squeeze page is to convince and flatter the customer to provide one of the most demanded pieces of personal data: the email address.

Make sure you provide an attractive headline along with some of the key benefits that your customer can avail. This will help your visitors understand your company in short. Squeeze pages are one of the best ways to build an opt-in email lists , so use it efficiently.

  1. Include Subscription Form On Every Page On Your Website

What’s the use of the website, if you do not provide an opportunity for the customer to know more about your product by providing his email address with you?

Provide a subscription form that can be recognized by your reader easily. In fact, provide the form in all the pages of your website, wherein you give an opportunity for your customers to provide their full name along with their email address to sign-in.

However, increasing your opt-in mailing lists is your goal. If a customer has signed-in and wish to receive mails from you, then you are successful in attracting a customer.

  1. Incorporate Sign-Up Forms On Social Media

Social media is one the most powerful tools for marketing and advertising. Rather than just, having sign-up form on your official company website, you can go ahead and start providing them on your social media as well. Through this, soon you can witness positive changes in your business.

Apart from that,

  • You can also choose to include samples of ebooks, blogs and ezines.
  • Give more than your customer expects from you. Offer customers with gifts that they can use it in the future.
  • In addition, you have to be very polite with your prospects and customers. The way you treat them is very important. Apart from your outstanding products and services that you provide, what matters them is the special offers that they get. Remember, your customer can talk about your company to others and you definitely do not want to be a negative one. So make sure that your customer is happy and satisfied with the whole business dealing. Word of mouth is very effective. So do not take chance in making a mistake.

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4 Benefits Of Buying A Professional Mailing List

Every business needs a good marketing tactic. While there are many streams of marketing that are available, a professional mailing list is one such tactic, which has proved to bring huge difference among many businesses.
4 Benefits Of Buying A Professional Mailing List

It is undeniable that the popularity of professional mailing list is growing at a fast pace. Since, this marketing tactic has proven to bring positive results in most businesses; there are also few other advantages a professionals lists database comes with. Listed below are few of them:

1. Precision Targeting:

For a successful marketing campaign, accurately targeting the market is the key. Without a perfect professional mailing list, it is impossible to hit the right market accurately.

To keep all the troubles at bay, make sure you buy these mailing list database from a reliable list provider and use it rightly.

2. Expand Your Market Range:

There is no second thought that, all the businesses will have their own list of potential and existing clients. In addition, at the same time, every business strives to increase their database.

However, you can increase your potential customers through many noteworthy list providers, who own hundreds to thousands of data entries across various industries, professions and countries. Sending advertisements and promotional emails to a large number of prospects is always good for your business. So, make sure you use the list effectively.

3. Increase Business Visibility:

Once you have established your potential customers and have made an effort to expand your very own professional mailing list, it is time for you increase your visibility in the market. This is where your satisfied customers go ahead and talk good about your products and services to others.

Try to give some special offers to your happy customer, or give away free e-books, which would help them in future. So that, he/she is impressed the way they had been treated. This is the best way to increase your visibility.

4. Cost Efficient Sales And Marketing Solution:

Initiating and maintaining the marketing campaign is one of the biggest challenges faced today. There are many ways of marketing available. Some require heavy investment and other are considerably cost effective. One of them is, having a professional mailing list. It is a onetime investment, however. Once you buy the professionals database from a reliable source, you should make sure that you use it effectively.

Witnessing B2B Mailing Lists, Changing Business Scenarios

As, new and fresh brands come into the market, they are using different marketing strategies in building their image. Among the new marketing tactics companies strive to build, there are a few old ones as well, that have proved to be promising and successful; if used wisely.
Witnessing B2B Mailing Lists, Changing Business Scenarios
A well accumulated B2B mailing list, is one of the best ways to generate leads. Along which, a good direct mailing campaign could be a great benefit to the world of business.

Here is a list of some of the advantage one could receive by purchasing a B2B mailing database

1. Hit The Accurate Market

To consider a direct mailing campaign successful, targeting the right market plays a vital role. Without a well-written mailing list, it’s impossible to build an impact. With the list of randomly compiled lists, you will most probably lose your customer than gaining them.

This is the very reason, why a perfect and updated mailing list is important. It helps you in directly meeting your prospective customers, who are interested in what you got to offer and buying them. This will help you in saving your time and money, and at the same time promising to give you the best desired results.

2. Widen Your Market

Well!!! Every business will have their set of contacts in-hand. They would definitely consider as a privilege, if they are offered to increase their potential customers. Keeping this is mind. There are hundreds and thousands of mailing list database providers in the market who will help you providing an apt mailing list that is suitable for your business. Look for the best provider and buy it from him, once you are sure that, what you are provided with, is accurate and up to date.

3. Increase Your Business Visibility

Building your prospective customers, in turn builds your business visibility towards existing and new markets. A happy customer will definitely go ahead and refer your products and services to the ones who are in need. This will help you in widening your market eventually.

4. B2b Marketing List Helps in Boosting the Campaign’s Success Rate Significantly

With all the above methods, the campaign is more or less, successful. With profitable outcomes, the business can gain immense advantage over the competition.



5 Ways To Achieve Your Very Own Opt In Email List

Opt-in email marketing lists are built through subscribers’ preference as they enter their email address into a subscription form. For online marketers, building their very own opt-in email lists could be the best decision ever.

5 Ways To Achieve Your Very Own Opt In Email List

Here are few requirements that are necessary to construct your own personal opt-in email list-

1. Web Hosting Company/Services

Firstly, you need a web hosting company who will help you in renting out a web space. While there are many cost-free companies available, it is always better to contact a reputed internet hosting service provider. Considering the goodwill of your company in the future, you should not attempt to save too much money on this factor, as it is one of the most necessities.

Before choosing a web-hosting supplier there are two factors that you must keep in mind, reliability and reputation of their services.

2. Have Your Own Domain Name

It is highly recommended to have your very own domain name. For a domain name, all you have to do is to make a small yearly investment. Having own personal domain name will help you in making your site a lot more professional.

3. Opt For Professional List Provider

Even though you come across a source who is giving away free email lists, you should always look for a professional list provider.

A professional email list indicates that your messages actually reach your targeted subscribers without fail, and in return guarantees high delivery rate.

Moreover, these professional list providers make sure that they delivered the best service. It is possible through their expert professional employees who are constantly in touch with email list providers.

4. Gift Your Subscribers Something In Return

Once your subscribers have signed in to your opt in mail list, it’s always a better idea to offer them something in return.

Firstly, consider what interests your targeted subscribers and what products and services you have to offer. Depending on that, you can give offers like an e-book, a mini-course, or software.

5. Squeeze Page

By now, you have reached all the necessary requirements that are required to start building your opt-in mailing lists. The last thing you must do is, create a squeeze page. This is a page where you advertise and promote your list. You can choose to add an attractive content to introduce your list. Remember, heavy wordiness might turn away your targeted subscribers.



Business Direct Mail Lists and Business Mailing List

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Specialized Business Mailing Lists

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Additionally, we classify businesses by geographic region, area demographics, size of the prospective market, roles played by the intended recipient and other selects. Analyzing your marketing strategies and recommending the most effective business email lists for your campaign will always be part of our commitment to working with you.

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Buy Prepackaged & Customized Targeted Mailing lists, Targeted Email lists, Targeted Marketing lists By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets!

Hitting the right target is as important as clicking the right deal. So, if you are looking for targeted marketing list for your sales and marketing efforts, then, Thomson Data is the perfect place to rely.

Pros of Targeted Lists

  • Perfect way to increase response rates
  • Target the specific criteria you want to reach with your marketing message
  • Provide the most selectivity when trying to reach your target market

Targeted Email Lists Criteria:


Thomson Data puts together comprehensive targeted mailing lists that include postal mailing address based on a specify city or from an entire state.


We cover a range of industries. It includes manufacturing industries, IT and Telecom, Healthcare, Professional service, Retail, Wholesale, Construction, Utilities and many more.


Such as SAP, Oracle, LINUX, UNIX, and many more.

NAICS and SIC Code:

If you willing to target companies within specific NAICS or SIC code, then it’s time to cheer for you. Our database is maintained with a NAICS and SICS Code.

Here Are the Popular Targeted Lists That We Rate Them At the Top

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  • Real Estate Agents/Realtors
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  • UK Businesses
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Buy Prepackaged & Customized Opt-in Mailing List By SIC Code That Let You Reach Targeted Markets In The USA, UK, Canada Europe & Australia!

An opt-in mailing lists essential means a list of prospects who want to receive information about your products and services. A mailing campaign works best when paired with repetitive and consistent mailing techniques. When users receive unsolicited mail from you on a repetitive and consistent basis, it generates negative publicity that works against your brand in the long run.

By running a mailing campaign with an unconfirmed list, you also run the risk of being marked as spam or junk mail, reducing the effectiveness of your sales strategy. If enough irate users report you as spam, you could very well be blacklisted by an ISP. When blacklisted, the effectiveness and reach of your campaign goes to zero.

Our databases are regularly cross-referenced against both the DNC registry and the TPS, ensuring that you receive the most accurate opt-in information for your campaign.

We can also custom build the idea list for you based on a complete analysis of your campaign specifications, target audience and best customers. This allows you to get your marketing materials out to the people that are most likely to buy your product.

Additionally, Thomson Data also extends a suite of data appending services that can save you the resources involved in purchasing new lists for every different marketing channel you employ.

All opt-in mail list provide complete marketing information such as –

  • First Name, Last Name
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  • Phone Number, Fax Number
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